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The SASS Northeast Regional 'The Great Nor'easter' has been canceled for 2016 and unless another Northeast CAS Club picks it up, it is done. The Great Nor'easter Committee wishes to thank you for your past support and dedication. We had a great ten year run but due to circumstances not entirely within our control it is time to say goodbye to the SASS Northeast Regional 'The Great Nor'easter'.

See you on the trail,

The Great Nor'easter Committee

What's a Nor'easter?
Nor'easter: A counterclockwise turning cyclone (a storm system circulating around a center) similar to a hurricane. Nor'easters occur in the eastern United States any time between October and April, when moisture and cold air are plentiful. Once the system is formed, the earth's rotation causes the air to circle around the center (similar to when you drain the water out of your bathtub). This creates the northeast wind, hence it's name nor'easter. They typically form near the Bahamas or north of Cuba, along the Appalachians or off Cape Hatteras. They are known for dumping heavy amounts of rain and snow, producing hurricane-force winds, and creating high surfs that cause severe beach erosion and coastal flooding. What nor'easters don't achieve in wind speed as compared with hurricanes, they achieve in duration (up to a week) and size (up to 1000 miles or more in diameter).

Squall: A short but furious storm with strong winds, often small in area and moving at high speed, which may contain heavy precipitation, hail, frequent lightning, dangerous straight line winds, and possibly funnel clouds, tornadoes, and waterspouts.

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Thank You ...

to our sponsors for their financial and merchandise support;

to our vendors who make the effort to set up and offer their goods and services to the many cowboys and cowgirls at this event;

to the Verdant Mountain Vigilantes for their donation of our title "The Great Nor'easter". The title has been in continuous use by their club since the early 1990s. It was the first Northeast CAS event to draw over 200 competitors and this was many years ago!

to Callous Clyde for designing our official shoot logo "Cowboy in the Storm" and for creating our stage artwork; and

to all our many volunteers and shooters that help make the match such a success.